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Feminism: Fascist Communism

Feminism has been compared with nazism and communism many times throughout the years. It is known, though not popularized, that early feminist leaders held communist beliefs or were outright communists and soviet sympathizers. It is ironic that during the Cold War, when America was fighting against communism, that a form of gender-communism was taking root upon it's own soil. Indeed, this lends some insight to feminists leading the anti-war movement during the Vietnam era, which as we all know was a war fought to slow the spread of communism.

The purpose of this article, then, is to further illustrate the comparison between feminism and communism/fascism. It is a work in progress, and as time goes on the grammar and arguments presented will become more refined.


To really understand feminism and get a full grasp on it's goals, it would be important for us to study and examine critically the lives and writings of the prominent feminist leaders and authors. Many feminists rightfully claim that they are "not all like that", and while it is true that the constituents of a movement may not hold to every view expressed by the movements leaders, it is the leaders and writers of that movement that inspire the general thoughts, views, and doctrines of that movement. Therefore it is important for us to hold feminist leaders in a critical light.

Here are just a few quotes from prominent feminists, past and present. Although I admit that the source could be viewed as biased as it belongs to the Men's Rights sphere, the quotes contained on the page are true and anyone can pick up any feminist literature and view it for themselves.

"In a patriarchal society all heterosexual intercourse is rape because women, as a group, are not strong enough to give meaningful consent." Catherine MacKinnon in Professing Feminism: Cautionary Tales from the Strange World of Women's Studies, p. 129..

"All men are rapists and that's all they are." Marilyn French in People, February 20, 1983..

"I believe that women have a capacity for understanding and compassion which a man structurally does not have, does not have it because he cannot have it. He's just incapable of it." - Former Congresswoman Barbara Jordan

Feminist women are seemingly free to write this sort of misandric drivel, indeed, to shovel it out by the pageful in their writings, without any consequences. Even female members of Congress are able to slander and generalize half the population and get away with it scotch free. When criticism of these writings are offered, it is either ignored, or the two most common responses are "Well I'm not like that." or "Men have oppressed women for hundreds and thousands of years, so it's only fair."

The first argument, "I'm not like that." or "Not all feminists are like that." is very ad hoc and while it may stand to reason and be very true, it misses one glaring point: As a constituent of the feminist party, it would be your responsibility indeed duty, to stand up to this sort of sexist hatemongering crap. If you indeed stand for equality, if you indeed want equal treatment of men and women, and if you indeed sympathize with men's issues and hate the idea of sexism, then it is your very duty as a feminist of that camp to stand up and actively and openly criticize remarks such as "all men are rapists and that's all that they are." Here actions, not words, are to be judged. And judging actions, we see that yes, all feminists are like that, because there is very little protest against misandry within the feminist literature and blogsphere. Even such statements as "I hate men because..." go unchallenged by fellow feminists.

The second argument is just crap, and takes past grievances (which have been shown to be exaggerated or wholly untrue) as a justification for current behavior. IE, men oppressed women in the past, so it's okay for women to spread hate-speech against men. This of course is not a valid or logical argument and doesn't stand up against rational scrutiny.

When the sexism inherent in feminist writings is exposed or questioned, it is either ignored or justified by crap arguments. But if any man stands up and merely disagrees with any tenet of feminism, however minor, he is instantly labeled a misogynist and a sexist brute, even though he may not have said anything at all sexist or misogynistic.

I would like to take a moment to study some feminist leaders, past and present.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton, the first well-known feminist woman, was the main author of the Declaration of Sentiments. I have refuted much of what was written in this intellectual refuse in the second half of a post I wrote here. The thing I want to point out about Elizabeth was that she was a woman of privilege, as you can find out for yourself if you read about who her father was, who her mother's father was, and who her husband was. She was obviously not a woman who was ever in want for anything.

Later on during the first wave of feminism, a woman named Millicent Fawcett emerged. She played a key role in women's suffrage in England. If you read about her, you'll see that she, also, was a woman of privilege. She attended University for medicine, and her friends were also educated women of privilege. Hardly an "oppressed" woman.

Another prominent feminist author, the woman who sparked the second wave of feminism, Betty Friedan, was also clearly a woman of privilege. In fact, it's reported that she never did a day of housework in her life, and was also a communist party member and Soviet sympathizer. One questions her credibility given the idiosyncrasy of being a privileged enough woman to have a maid in her service, with enough money to go to University, but who also counted herself amongst communists and other radical politics.

The early feminist leaders really knew nothing of the "plight of women", having never actually experienced it themselves. Though Friedan came from a poor background, she didn't stay there for very long and by her 20's was traveling the globe and studying at different colleges. These were women of privilege who wanted even more privilege; namely, they wanted to be equal to their male counterparts who were chiefly doctors, laywers, etc.

There was little they could do about this, except to appeal to the masses of women with whom they really had nothing in common. As we can see with most political leaders, be they democratic, fascist, communist, or anarchist, the leaders rarely have much in common at all with their constituents, however, the constituents sympathize with the leaders and indeed take on many of their doctrines and theories as their own. This is how leaders, though unrelated to their followers via socio-economic background or education, represent the majority that follows them.

Feminism really gained momentum in the 1960's, after a few middle class white women wrote some books blaming a lot of stuff on men. Feminism, a movement of hatred towards men, really began when women were at their most unoppressed. Let's look at that next.

The telephone, the refrigerator, the microwave, the vacuum cleaner, washing machines, drying machines, gas stoves, electric stoves, chemical cleaning sprays, and a myriad of other little inventions: these were all geared towards making life easier for women. It was during the time that these things were starting to make women's lives easier (and indeed, many had been around for decades), that women started to complain about how bad their lives were because of men (note: all these devices were invented by men.) It is doubtful that these women, who could now be comfortable even in lower-class situations, would have ever blamed their husbands for buying them a dishwasher to grant her more leisure time, for working 9-5 and sometimes longer to provide a roof over her head, and for financially supporting the family of a wife, a pet goldfish, and x number of children, had it not been for the political poisoning of a few radical upper-class women who stood to gain even more than they already had.

It was a "capitalism of idealogy" - these authors wanted more, more prestige, more money, more power, more status, so they exploited the naivete and gullability of the masses of women of lower status to gain.

Ironic, isn't it?

That is the nature of feminism: The Doctrine of Spoiled Brats. Most of the early feminists and feminists authors, after a little research, were middle to upper class, if not outright rich, women. Their lives were easy, especially compared to men of lower status. It would seem that this entitlement, this status and prestige and being spoiled, went to their heads. It was not enough now that they were prominent women in society, that they had educations most men were denied, that they didn't even have to do "woman's work" because they had others (maids, machines) do it for them: No, they wanted to be able to do what their husbands do, namely, work. But it was not the typical work they wanted to do: not coal mines, factories, fishing boats, soldiers. Nope. They wanted to be things like doctors and university professors- you know, the top 5% of jobs, the glamorous jobs that earn a lot of money.

If you don't believe me, look around you. How many women do you know who do physically strenuous jobs? Can you name five? When you go past some state workers who are repaving a road, do you see any women? If you do, what's her job? Directing traffic, right? Go to a school: how many of the teachers are female? Most, right? How many firefighters are women, and of them, how many actually rush into burning buildings? All of the police and firefighters who died during 9/11 were men, although female police and firefighters were present (you can see them in the videos).

Nobody raises awareness for coal mining or oil drilling. But these jobs are open to women. Nope, everyone raises awareness for ENGINEERING, LAWYER, and DOCTOR... three of the most prestigious and top-earning jobs in the nation.

There's very little talk, blogging, writing, lobbying, or awareness campaigns to get women into active combat roles. That subject gets almost 0 attention. However, listen to the news, read MSNBC, or Time, or even the plethora of countless feminist blogs, and what's it all about? Rape, rape, sexual harassment, the debunked "wage gap", and of course how "hostile the blogsphere is to female bloggers."

So with vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens, electric freezers, automatic car starters, cars with heaters in the seats, AM/FM radio, people to make our clothing for us... women lead relatively comfortable lives. They can even go to University and get a degree in anything they want and become successful. Yet, they still manage to complain about how shitty it is to be a woman!

Ever notice how everything bad seems to be men's fault? I mean, even from the Declaration of Sentiments, one of the first American feminist documents, all the blame is placed on men for how "shitty" women have it. If something bad happens to a woman, like, say, if she goes to a party full of men she doesn't know, gets so drunk and high on drugs that she passes out, and someone, God forbid especially if she was taking the initiative, has sex with her sometime during that night, it's rape. Which is, of course, men's fault and if anyone tries to place any responsibility on her for her life (after all, how wise it to get mentally incapacitated in a room full of men, when "all men are rapists and that's all that the are."...?), they get called a "rape apologist".

But if something bad ever happens to a man, well, that's entirely his fault. Even if he's drafted and dies in war, well, that's because men start war, even though women are the majority of voters.

(Do you know who voted the most in the 1970's? Women. Majority by 5%. Not much, you say? Doesn't matter. If they were the majority by half a percent, they're still the majority. What about the 1980's? Men, by only a small margine. In the 1990's? Women, again. And the 2000's? Women, by a longshot. So since the 1970's women, overall, have been outvoting men. It's safe to assume that when a woman goes to the poll, she's only thinking about herself and whether the new guy will make her life easier.)

What if Hillary Clinton became president, and America found itself at war with some other nation? Well, it would be the fault of the (male) leader of that other nation, because, after all, men start war!

Another issue to be looked at: Female sexuality.

Women wanted to be sexual liberated. So they could do stuff like this, and be in pornography and walk around at 15 years old in a miniskirt with no underwear on (and kill their unborn babies).

But then another group of feminists stood up and said this was wrong, this was sexism, this was the objectification of women, this turned women into nameless sex symbols, etc.

And of course it was men who were at fault for it even though modeling, porn, and being in commercials for make-up and beauty products to wearing miniskirts and sexual clothing is the woman's choice, not anyone elses. So men are at fault for... women turning themselves into sex objects? I mean what about Natalie Dylan, who's supposedly selling her virginity and there's some proof coming to light that she is in fact a virgin. She's turning herself into a sex object that you can buy, but I guess the man who gets to take her cherry will be some "creepy perverted dude" or something.

But what we really see in the topic of "female sexuality", and female "sexual liberation" is really nothing more than the sexual repression of men.

Men's sexuality is shamed. When he buys pornography, he is supporting the objectification of men. We are told that pornography depicts violence against women and the domination of females by males (even though there is much pornography that depicts the same power-dynamics in reverse- but feminists never complain about, and indeed sometimes endorse, that sort of thing). We are told that pornography makes men violent; correlation not proving causation is completely thrown away as a concept and we are told that "serial killers often possessed pornography".

When men want sex, they are shamed. If his partner is "not in the mood", he is shamed for "coercing" her, and shamed for fulfilling his desires elsewhere and escaping a sexless relationship. If a man manages to escape a sexless relationship, he is seen as a pig only after 1 thing. (But if a woman escapes a relationship in which she is not financially supported, she is "empowered"to be rid of the "bum"...). A man is labelled a "rapist" if his wife or girlfriend consents to sex with him even if she's not very excited about the idea or not entirely in the mood.

A man who is married is sexually repressed because he is trapped. If he cheats, he is blamed and divorced and since the fault is his own, he can lose his house, his assets and a portion of his income. If he stays, he is forced to endure the repression of his sexuality vis-a-vis his wife. He has financial incentive to stay and sexual incentive to leave- imagine the frustration that goes along with being trapped in this way.

All these situations and dynamics in society point to an alarming conclusion:

Feminism: A Doctrine of Socialism for Women and Fascism against Men

The Points of Fascism

Point One: At Once Victim and Superior
Fascist ideology always asserts that they are at once oppressed and superior. For instance, Nazi's didn't believe the Germans lost WII — they couldn't, because they are superior — therefore, they were stabbed in the back. Who stabbed them in the back? Their scapegoat- the German Jews who did not do their part to support the war as German citizens.
Feminists will at once assert that women are superior: better communicators, more loving, more intuitive, and in some cases outright divine (see also the myths of matriarchal societies here and here.). When the question arises "If women are so superior, how come...", feminists attempt to explain how they are the victims of male oppression in a "patriarchal" society. Men "betrayed" women millenia ago and siezed power, and then men are the ones who rewrote history to hide this fact from women.

Feminism is a conspiracy theory against men just as German Nazism was a conspiracy theory against the Jews.

Also interesting to note that feminist will often deny the general instinct or behavior of men to protect women ("all men are rapists") but at the same time use that behavior to their advantage (victim-feminism and "men are responsible for stopping rape.").

Point Two: Rewrite or Reinterpret History
Part of the Nazi tactics was burning books that explained history contrary to the Party's tagline. New literature, inspired and written by the Thule Society, was introduced that gave a skewed and often fabricated version of history. The Nazis literally rewrote history and explained that the German people were the descendents of Atlantis, and that "inferior people's" such as the early Hebrew tribes contributed to the destruction of Atlantis. Here, their scapegoat is rewritten into a a psuedo-history. This is only a minor point, but worth noting, as many radical feminists and female chauvanists attempt to reinterpret history and in some cases rewrite history; depicting peaceful and superior matriarchal societies, claiming that God was originally refered to as a "She" and that God is indeed a female entity, etc. Like the Nazi writings and propaganda, there is 0 archealogical evidence and 0 recorded historical evidence for these claims.

Also notice the Nazi conspiracy theory that the "Jews were oppressing them", just like the feminist conspiracy theory of the "patriarchy" that took roots millenia ago and has sought to oppress women for men's benefit. We see here that a paranoid conspiracy theory runs throughout all of the major points of fascism, and is, indeed, the foundation of fascism.

Point Three: Blame their Victims
The Nazi regime blamed their economic troubles, lower education, and just about every malady they could on the Jews, turning them into villians, criminals, and a scapegoat. Indeed, every fascist regime has a scapegoat. The purpose is to villianize and create animosity towards a group of people, so sympathies towards them are low, setting them up for injustices, slavery, and genocide without public intervention in said policies. Here, when someone is "guilty", it's okay to exploit them, which moves us onto the second point:

Point Four: Theft and Exploitation
The Nazi regime siezed Jewish assets, transfering the wealth of Jewish businesses and families to Germans. Jews were inducted into concentration and forced labor camps, where they were starved, forced to labor, and then systematically exterminated when they were no longer useful. Minimum input, maximized output, and discard the components of the system that have run down to minimize upkeep expenses. When the Jews were gassed, the expoitation continued when the Nazis began removing gold teeth and jewelry from the bodies.

Feminists have state sanctioned wealth tansfer systems: namely, no-fault divorce, alimony, and child support. They also have the option of killing their husband, either descretely through poison and indescretely through direct violence while he is sleeping, and then claim a "battered woman syndrome" defense and still recieve his life insurance policy. When the man becomes obsolete and his life insurance policy (his metaphoric "gold teeth") exceeds his yearly income, a wife has the option of disposing of him and then seeking a new man to exploit.


The Nazi's were famous for their propaganda, twisting the facts, rewriting history, and blaming everyone else for the economic crisis in Germany. Through scapegoating a group of people, they were able to exploit them economically and become a world power once more.

We see this happening in America with the feminist party and their propaganda, twisted facts, dirty statistics, and in some cases even attempting to rewrite history. Of course, everything bad is blamed on men, who have become such an accepted cultural scapegoat that misandry is now a lucrative venture for fields from writing to t-shirt manufacturing.

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Communism/Socialism - How the "radical left" relate to the "radical right".

Interesting to note that despite it's similarities to fascism, feminism also has components of communism and socialism, namely social welfare and egalitarianism. This should not be surprising, however, when the similarities of radical politics are highlighted.

Indeed, the word "Nazi" dervies from the German word "Nationalsozialismus", which translates into "National Socialism". The Nazi party's full name was the "National Socialist German Workers’ Party". In other words, they preached German superiority to their target group: the working class. So the Nazi party was left wing in function, and right wing in idealogy. This gets overlooked and rarely mentioned, as lefties would never tolerate a comparison between themselves and the "fascist right", although the comparison has been made many times and with more credibility than liberals condemning conservatives as "right-wing fascists!"

Nazism, communism, and socialism all seek to target workers (or another economic minority of appreciable population size; a "bio-mass majority" but "monetary minority", the mass of exploited peasants, serfs, proletariat, etc) to instigate social reform. It is in this way that these radical political groups gain their power; by targeting the mass of workers and convincing them that they are being exploited and oppressed by a group; in fascism, namely the rich members of a minority group, in communism and socialism namely the rich entreprenuers, or "bourgeoisie".

In feminism, the bourgeoisie or exploiter-class can be equated to men. It is men who have "the power", therefore, women who don't have "the power" are oppressed by men. A woman's labor was "exploited" (unpaid for) by her husband, in the same way that the proletarian's labor was exploited (underpaid) by the bourgeoisie. (However, feminism rears it's ignorance: the housewife's labor is not unpaid: the man supports her financially).

Feminism can be described as fascist communism, "one law for them, one law for us", or "a socialist network for women, based upon the oppression of men."

The socialism for women are the options she is granted at the expense of men: affirmative action programs that get even underqualified women positions in whichever field they desire, the state subsidized support of childcare at the expense of men (men pay the majority of taxes) or privately through enforced child-support (a woman also has the option to recieve both welfare and WIC as well as child support). At the same time, she has the option to be directly financed by her husband and, should he change his mind (or, more likely, she changes her mind about him), the state can strip the man of his assetts and grant them to who for, really, no good reason since the woman still has the option of entering the work-force, indeed, any field she desires.

There is state subsidized school loan programs for women, private funding for women's education, welfare programs for women, outreach compaigns for women, shelters for "battered" women, organizations trying to stop all forms of violence against women, birth control, etc etc.

Men, relatively, have very little options except to support themselves through direct labor, while at the same time supporting women through his taxes whether he recieves the benefit of sex and children, and when married to still support a woman who can legally steal everything away from him while at the same time supporting women he recieves no sex or children from.

Women seem to have a seperate society, a socialist society, that is built upon the backs of men's labor, reputation, and sexuality.

Feminism: Exposed.


While I will most certainly be labeled a misogynist, a rape apologist, a paranoid conspiracy theorizer, a male supremacist and many other allegations up to and including erectile disfunction and homosexuality, it is important to note that all such reaction to this document will only confirm my supposition: that feminism is a radical political idealogy of fanatic gender-fascist communists, and that anyone who questions this current status quo must be shamed and humiliated into silence. I refuse.

While I do not proport that men and women are inherently inferior or superior to one another, I do posit that there are real, scientifically measurably differences in the physiology, psychology, brain structuring, and roles that men and women ought to play in society. These roles had one purpose: To bear children and bring them to adulthood.

The roles that men and women play have been tampered with. The family is being destroyed, and social havok is ensuring. Some places see it worse than others; in England, there is a whole generation of fatherless children running around like feral primitives, stabbing and shooting one another and forming youth gangs. In America, there is a gender-war in which men are only now beginning to see the implications of.

Feminism, from the beginning, has had insideous intentions. Though there have been positive gains made from feminism, one could also argue that positive gains were made through Nazism. Do the ends justify the means? I do not think so.

It is obviously time for men to stand up, men who have had their communication networks, their clubs, their families taken away from them now have an important resource: The Internet. We must guard this resource jealously and be vigilant against any attempts to impair our freedom in this medium of communication, the Last Bastion of Free Speech.


  1. It is a shame that you lack and understanding of socialism and communism because while your article correctly identifies the CLASS nature of feminism it misrepresents socialism and communism and what the Left represents as possible solutions and counterpoints to Feminism.

    The big mistake that you make is failing to concede that especially after WWII middle class women WERE relegated to the home and that second-wave Feminism did confront patriarchy.

    2nd-wave Feminism also rode on the wave of the movement against racism that was occurring at the time as well. Also some in the movements against racism felt that the Feminist movement was designed to sow polarization among activists who were working together to challenge egregious and oppressive aspects of the system.

    You make great point in your piece and your analysis that Feminism is a movement of a small percentage of privilege women. However patriarchy is how Feminism was able to inflate its ranks among working class women.

    What is happening today is that working class women are realizing that the gains were marginal and working class men are now coming to terms that Feminism was really a CLASS-based movement.

    Now is the time for working class men and women to come together and to fight to change the system.

    Notice how working people are going to have to pay for the bank bailout and all off the bailout for the RICH. Working class men and women are both now getting the shaft. However working class men NEED to start challenging the system by demanding and END to child support payment and in it place need to offer COLLECTIVE solutions that can meet the needs for ALL working class men and women.

    Unfortunately many men organization has failed to analysis the divorce system and feminism from a CLASS perspective and only offer solutions that effectively maintains the polarization between the sexes. A book that I would recommend reading is "Woman and Socialism" it explains the class nature of feminism and why working class women had MORE in common with working class men and NOT the women of privilege who leads the feminist movement.

    This is now the time to fight for our collective and shared CLASS interest because the men and women of privilege prefers working class men and women to fight each other.

  2. "The big mistake that you make is failing to concede that especially after WWII middle class women WERE relegated to the home and that second-wave Feminism did confront patriarchy."

    Because of "patriarchy", women were relegated to the home: NOT to dying on the battlefield as men were. Also, women were not "relegated to the home" - while the men were working 8 - 12 hour days, these women had many hours of leisure time during the day, as the inventions of men (refrigerators, automatic clothing manufacture, washing machines, drying machines, vacuums, etc) freed women's time. Where do you think they got the time to organize, meet, plan, and compaign?

    "2nd-wave Feminism also rode on the wave of the movement against racism that was occurring at the time as well."

    Yes, it did indeed hitch a ride on a legitimate cause.

    "What is happening today is that working class women are realizing that the gains were marginal and working class men are now coming to terms that Feminism was really a CLASS-based movement."

    The gains of feminism were far from marginal, and saying that the gains were only marginal is an example of how feminism is a perpetual-revolution: it must always have an issue or injustice, real or (most often) imagined to address, otherwise it dies and collapses on itself. Working class men are not realizing anything like you say- rather, they are realizing how they have been shortchanged.

    "Now is the time for working class men and women to come together and to fight to change the system."

    I agree, but so far, only men seem to be speaking out. There is one MRA woman I know of. But her blog was hacked.

    "However working class men NEED to start challenging the system by demanding and END to child support payment and in it place need to offer COLLECTIVE solutions that can meet the needs for ALL working class men and women."

    You mean... subsidized child support? So this way the entire male population pays for children via taxes that are not their's?

    I'm sorry - you do make a couple good points (IE, the working class needs to rise up against the elite - however, you'll find that the majority of the working class indeed live in third world countries making your sneakers, your shirts, and your toothpaste...)

  3. There is no way that womyn are going to give an inch in their grab for power, precisely because their feminine insecurities, which used to be served by the idea of relying on men to look after and serve them, are now served only by a broke government in a downward spiral. Our civilization is pathological because we've outgrown our panties. Megacities and mega-populations are only possible and sustainable if the vast majority get along in harmonious productivity. But what we have instead is population outstripping sustainability worldwide, and technologies used too often for control and harm rather than mutual benefit.

    There is only one pattern for civilization that will work in the medium-term future, and that is decentralization and self-reliance. Feminism has brought about a very necessarily population collapse, but perhaps not in all the right places. The populations in the most politically and ecologically fragile parts of the world— South America, Africa and South Asia—are still booming. In those regions, there will be only increase of poverty and war until population trends can be reversed.

    We need to thank our femynyst systers for doing work for us that would have taken hundreds of years of war and suffering in traditional masculine ways: depopulation that will result in future sustainability. We also need to both learn and internalize the two most important lessons they taught us: to look out foremost for ourselves and our own gender (gender collaboration and gender think), and to do the very best we can to avoid participating in the oppressions of the past by refusing to avail ourselves of the psychoeconomic slavery known as marriage and ceasing to date or cohabitate with the creatures who can, will and too often do use their cultural and legal superiority to put even greater percentages of men into homeless poverty or prisons.

    It is time that the men of the West secede, personally and politically, until equality returns to us. A catastrophic plunge in the marriage and birth rates will avert suffering now and for generations, help stabilize humanity in the long term, and allow us to live simply just as we like, without being nagged to do womyn's work or pushed into harder and more risky labor for the sake of herstory.

  4. Most American women say that they only support the “Girl Power” aspects of the hate speech that Feminists/Female Supremacists preach, not the actual man-hating… Most American Women, and most American men outside of the MRA/MGTOW movement buy into the “Girl Power” myths.

    The huge problem with the mentality of most American Women, and even the mentality of most American men (outside of the MRA/MGTOW movement) is that they think only radical Feminist/Female Supremacy leaders are the problem. However, if someone where to belong to the KKK, and say that they only support the “White Power” aspect of the KKK (but not hatred of black people), they would still, rightfully so, be called out for their bigotry. If someone were belong to the Aryan Nation, but say the only support “Aryan Power” (but not the hatred of Jews) aspect of the organization they too would still, rightfully so, be called out for their bigotry. That’s why I’m calling out and rebuking American/Western women for their support of Feminism/Female Supremacy, and I challenge all men to do the same. I have no faith that American women will ever do it, and don’t ask them to do it, because most are anti-American cowards who will never stand up against evil as long as they reap the benefits of it.


  5. Anonymous, your apology for feminism is not accepted.




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    Thank's for the exceptional article (!)


  8. Feminism proves how stupid, gullible and ignorant women really are. They allowed themselves to be manipulated and used as pawns by feminist leaders who had a much broader agenda. To me, feminism has always been the most gutless choice a woman could make. Why? Because at its core, it is a very insidious and seductive ideology and therefore a deceptive one. It boldly promises women everything for nothing, and then insists that women deserve it simply for being women. Endless rights, entitlements, affirmative action, getting jobs you're not entirely qualified for, being admitted to colleges and universities because standards have been lowered, government subsidies and handout galore, freedom from responsibility and accountability, being absolved of wrongdoing and punishment when you commit crimes, and on and on and on and on. If you remove gender from the equation, who wouldn't want to have all these privileges?

  9. Feminism is Fascist but it is definitely not Communist. In fact the Feminist movements of the 60s and 70s were created and funded directly by the CIA in the Cultural Cold War to combat Communism and promote decadent American jewish-capitalist social values. Gloria Steinem was on the CIA payroll, look it up. Soviet Communism was an eminently masculine ideology and society, while Liberal American Capitalism promotes nothing but physical and moral weakness, and has emasculated and feminized entire multiple generations of men. Communist countries dont have Feminist politicians and "Queer Studies" majors. Their airwaves arent full of jewish propaganda turning men into beta males and transsexuals. You have been sold a lie, and your only hope is to open your eyes and see past the lifetime of Feminine Jewish Capitalist propaganda you have been brainwashed with.