Thursday, February 26, 2009

Beware of "Feminist Allies"

A while back, I approached a woman on Youtube who was feeding people the same tired "well not all feminists are like that, there's feminists who care about men's issues" etc etc. I challenged her for proof of this, as I've always done when dealing with the "trend and befriend" brand of feminist, and to my surprise she was able to conjure up a link to an obscure feminist website called "". I browsed the website a bit and I must say I was honestly fooled by this woman when she said she was sympathetic to the Men's Rights Movement.

Until of course I posted some of my musings on the relationship and similarities between feminism, socialism, communism, and fascism in an exploratory essay, here.

Apparently she didn't agree with some of the viewpoints I presented, and like the typical fembot faced with a disagreement, she reacted accordingly: with vitriolic, condescending shaming language. These are just a few of her messages to me:

"Sorry sunshine, but you're so wrong. I got what you were saying, but what you wrote, in its context, read otherwise. And if you'd spent a little time reading and trying to understand what you'd written then you would have picked up on that. Because, yes, you were declaring, that you will tolerate no questioning from your readership, unlike feminism which demands we question everything.

You question nothing because you believe in nothing. You read like a nihilist, you have to realise how you sound! My god. Next time you write something for your blog, sit on it for a week and then read it again. This week you sound like a facist, god only knows what you'll sound like next week."

The above message was a response to one of my closing paragraphs: "
While I will most certainly be labeled a misogynist, a rape apologist, a paranoid conspiracy theorist, a male supremacist and many other allegations up to and including erectile dysfunction and homosexuality, it is important to note that all such reaction to this document will only confirm my supposition: that feminism is a radical political ideology of fanatic gender-fascist communists, and that anyone who questions this current status quo must be shamed and humiliated into silence. I refuse."

Yes, I question the current feminist status quo and, like I predicted, I was accused of being a male supremacist. I was also accused of dating a transvestite (implying that I am homosexual).

Fascism is a political perspective. You dont strike me as a male supremacist as much as you strike me as being a biggot. Male supremacy is not a political view point. It is an unrealistic viewpoint based upon assumption. You are very good at assuming things so maybe you are a male supremacist, you certainly dont talk much about equality, and when you write of egalatareanism you only do so with derogatory statements. I think that is because you associate the word with feminism. Which you dearly are sooo misinformed about that it actually is hilareous."

Yes, I often use derogatory language. However, it is important to note the appropriate response to this sort of shaming language in The Catalogue: "
Anger is a legitimate emotion in the face of injustice. It is important to remember that passive acceptance of evil is not a virtue."

She goes on to further show her true colors, here:

Re: Feminists The Real Fascists? by the way, you lot will NEVER silence the womens movement and the feminist discourse because we have legitimate causes.

get real and enjoy your pathetic little life in ithica."

Striking, because she's almost implying that the MRA is not a legitimate cause. But if it's not a legitimate cause, how can she be a sympathizer? Oh, because she's not a sympathizer, she's merely a wolf in sheep's clothing who wants to get her foot in the door, so to speak, so she can start spreading subtle feminist propaganda.

What really struck me was this gem, though:

Whatever it is thats going on in you it is very blatant that it comes from a deep rooted hatred for the opposite sex. All females, except your girl friend, how she is so lucky to escape your wrath will remain beyond me, unless perhaps she is atransvestite. I fail to comprehend how every american woman except your girl friend is in the firing line. Hell I'm even in it and i'm not even a yank."

This just goes to show that there are no sympathetic feminists. If a woman calls herself a "feminist", she is an enemy of men's rights, because it is feminism that has infringed upon men's rights.

If you truly want to see a feminist's true colors... simply disagree with her. It's a good way to test if she's an ally or just an enemy putting on a facade of sympathy to get her foot in the door and start spreading feminist propaganda. If she responds with shaming language, then she does not agree with the goal of equality - she is an enemy to equality who wants men to stay in the same traditional gender role - which is why she resorts to shaming language based upon traditional male gender roles.

The funny thing is she'll never be able to comprehend why my girlfriend "escapes my wrath" (lol?). No, she's not a transvestite (lol?). She's simply not a feminist.


  1. It's an interesting problem. Recently a well-established woman who appears to be a male sympathizer has been stirring controversy, but in a more polite way. Should "guilt trips" be considered "shaming" in this context?

  2. Who are you talking about, SCS? I'd be interested in reading what she has to say.

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