Saturday, January 17, 2009

Early Morning Ramblings

Just some ramblings before I head off to work.

There's been a lot of talk over the past few years about how boys aren't doing so good academically, they're falling behind, they're dropping out, they can't pay attention in class, they're on Ritalin, etc etc. Most of this it's plain to see is due to the absence of fathers, which was caused by feminisms "No Fault Divorce" thing, which really turned marriage into a joke at best and a fraud at worst.

Well, feminists don't really seem to care about this whole thing. If you read the blogs, it's all about the same old things. "Fat is beautiful, too." "The media objectifies women." Rape issues, more rape issues, and more rape. Hunting and pecking for examples of sexism against women, which really must take up a lot of their time because you really have to stretch the definition of "sexism" to really find any examples of anti-female sexism in America these days. In fact it's interesting because as they keep stretching the definition of sexism to keep finding examples of it against women, they're really just making examples of anti-male sexism more and more exposed.

But anyway, so the feminists don't care about the boys falling behind. Which is really going to have some negative impacts on women in the future. Everyone knows most women marry up, that is, they marry a man who has more income than she does, and if he doesn't, well those marriages don't really last very long. Not that marriages last that long anyway, but a man has a better shot if her earns more money than she does. Well, with male college enrollment dropping, while women make up to 70% of college students in some areas, with boys dropping out of highschool and getting doped up on Ritalin, these boys aren't really on the path to becoming very successful or to earning a high income.

So what's going to happen is we're going to have this workforce full of women earning lots of money, and while there'll be men in that category too, there'll really be more women than men. So we're going to have all these career women trying to find a man who earns more than she does to marry, but those men just won't be there. Coupled with the fact that by the time the average American woman is in her late 30's, she hasn't married and has 1 or more kids, which just makes her so unappealing to a successful man who could easily date a 20-something who has no kids, these women are really going to find that it's nearly impossible for them to get married. We're going to have this huge generation of spinsters who are really going to be bitter towards men, or just turn around and look at the past couple of decades and go "Oops."

What's sad is that they won't even notice until it's too late; until feminism has directly interefered with their life plans, they won't even pay attention to this sort of thing.

Which is really why feminism has to stop being so gynocentric right now. Of course the feminists will alway ssay "oh, we're not gynocrentic, patriarchy hurts men too." but that sort of idealogical tokenism is so played out, I mean the proof is really in the pudding if you ever take the time to read that drivel they call blogs. It's all women's issue after women's issue after women's issue, with some man-hating and self-righteousness injected into it. And a lot of recent articles I've read have really been trying to take some obscure news articles about this or that, I think one of them was about a Muslim man or something in California "selling" his daughter into marriage, of course it wasn't a "sale", it was more like a bill for the wedding ot the groom's family, but anyway these feminists were trying to use this story, this obscure little story about a misunderstanding in a small farming community, as the justification for the continued existence of feminism.

I mean if you have to stay up all night looking for these sorts of articles to justify yourself, I think that really says a lot.

So anyway, that's my early morning rant. You have all these gynocentric feminists really falling behind the times and just focusing on the same old tired issues, meanwhile there's an entire field of research on boy's falling behind, and of course the feminists don't care and it's really setting a lot of American women up for maritial and emotional failure in the future.


  1. "So what's going to happen is we're going to have this workforce full of women earning lots of money"
    I think it's already happened. Women have been dominating the Anglosphere white-collar workplace for years. Fred Reed was writing about the marriage strike back around 2001 if not earlier. It's 2009 already, and we can see the cracks in the old structures. Some portions have already fallen -- such as the white birthrate and the legitimate birthrate for all races.

  2. Yeah, but imagine the scramble of these women to find those few men left who haven't dropped out of the race and earn more money than they do.

  3. Awww you poor little man, scared about a little competion in the work place?

  4. >>Awww you poor little man, scared about a little competion in the work place?

    Only people with nothing to say resort to shaming language. Actually, if there were competition in the work place, instead of guaranteed employment for women, the number of women in the work place would plummet. Most American companies have moved a major portion of their work overseas so they can hire truly qualified employees, which for the most part is male.

    A note for the blogger. Not getting a college degree does not necessarily mean low income. The man who services my a/c in Texas bills me $85/hour, and he went to trade school, not college. If he services the a/c of a college graduate, he is making more money than the graduate does.

    Men always move to where the money is. Right now, college graduates are a dime a dozen, but good trades people are in high demand.

    The man who cleaned my son-in-law's a/c, a special set-up, charged $400 and it took him a bit over 2 hours.

    Let me repeat men always move to where the money is. With open discrimination against men in the workplace, which Anonymous re-labels as competition, men who get most college degrees are going to be unemployable in their career field.

    I urge men thinking of going to college to visit a place that hires that career. If there are only women there, plus a couple of males who look as if they are wearing Victoria's secret under their pants, change careers.

    Anonymous age 66

  5. Anonymous age 12 has nothing to say because she realizes that my post is right. Her comment stems from her fear of winding up all alone for all her "hard" work ("hard" meaning, navigating all the affirmative action channels).