Monday, March 9, 2009

Men and Women: Views on Abortion

One big Hot Button issue between MRA's and feminists/women is abortion rights. This topic always spurs a heated debate, usually the feminists/women wanting to retain their privileges and options, keeping the men in a no-win situation - while the men stand up for ideas like "equality". Here was a discussion from a dating website (one has to wonder why these women need a dating website - sarcasm...)

Scotty starts off the discussion in his opening post: Why are men not allowed to have the option of raising a child (fetus,blob, whatever), that a woman, he has slept with, has chosen to terminate. We are expected to take responsibility if the woman chooses to not terminate. I think it should be a crime to abort a pregnancy without first notifying the father (sperm donor, whatever), if at all possible. Why is it that we are given this option. And how is it not a violation of my right to the pursuit of happiness.

OreoBabe chimes in with some feminist wisdom: Why don't you get a say? Because you don't have to carry it for nine months, that's why. Don't insist that an accident come to define the lives of you, the woman, and your child.

Apparently for this feminazi, children are just annoying little "accidents", pesky "side affects" to having sex, and no one should let an "accident" (read: human child) define their lives. However, doesn't a woman let this "accident" define the life of the man who she forces to pay child support for 18 years? Once again, woman retain privilege, men remain obligated.

BigSur, in typical mangina fashion, replies: Unless a man wants to take FULL responsibility for care and upbringing (this doesn't mean your mom raises it) of an infant, his say in the matter should be "yes, dear".

So, once again, women have the privilege/options of having the child and raising it as a single mother (living parasitically off child-support and state/federal aid: having her Daddy government help her), but if a man wants to keep the child, he has to raise it 100% with "FULL responsibility" (huh?) without any outside help. Yeah, give men a semi-option but make it more difficult for them. Wonderful.

Surrealiste backs BigSur up with: It's a woman's body.

Men should be able to talk their partners about it, but the final choice is not theirs. Would you like someone telling you what to do with your body and 9 months of your life? Of course not.

But she fails to take into consideration the MAN'S body. A woman doesn't want to be told to do with her body for 9 months... but it's okay for a man to be told to do with his body for 18 years (after all, you use your BODY to work and earn money). Once again: Women get freedom and independence, men get... the consequences of her choices.

Arrrghr shows a modicum of enlightement (at last!): Women ultimately have the final say in whether or not to keep the child, as physically it is their burden to bear. However, if the woman decides to keep the child when the man does not, then I think there should be a process for the man to receive a "social" abortion. It is unfair that women should have ultimate say in the matter if men are not allowed at least the ability to remove themselves from unwanted obligation. There would of course need to be a special process to determine the legitimacy of the man's claim for desiring a social abortion, but I think the process should exist.

Yes, it is a woman's "final say" whether the human child lives or dies, because it's "her burden to bear" - and in fairness, it should be the man's option to have a "social abortion" and opt out of child support for 18 years. Hey, don't get made: it's called equality.

Scotty makes a second appearance and trumps it up with some cold hard logic and the concept of personal responsibility - yes, women have that, too!: surrealist- if she doesn't kill the child(fetus, blob, whatever), then the courts will take the effort to ensure that he is held accountable for a least 18 years. But, wow, 9 months. How about this. Don't fuck someone that you wouldn't be cool, potentially starting a life with. If you do, accept the consequences of your gamble. But, please stop with whining about "it's my body". Yes, it is your body. However, if are going to be adult enough to play the game, you should be grown enough to accept the responsibilities.

Yes, finally, more men, who aren't even aware of MRA, standing up with logic against the feminazi regime of death and slavery. It warms my heart to see.

Neurotica86, a fat bisexual gal, lives up to her name: Okay, I'll make it very simple for will never understand the pain (both physical and emotional) that comes along with pregnancy and you are not qualified to judge. I firmly believe that any time a man makes a statement like that, his manly parts should be put in a vice and squeezed until he sees the error of his ways. Or until they're rendered useless, thus doing a huge favor to society.

Any time a man dare say "Don't kill the baby, I want it, I'll raise it, I'll nurture it." he should have his genitals removed. Because... we don't want responsible, loving, caring father's in society? We want the deadbeat dads, right? I guess a woman's physical and "emotional" pain trumps a man's physical and emotional pain... at either losing his child and being robbed of raising his own child... or the physical pain of working to pay 18 years (in some states 21) of child support payments.

Onlyeyes4u, another fat bisexual gal, concurs with Neurotical in the same ignorant, gynocentric "our pain trumps your pain" statement: Totally agree with Neurotica86. Well said. A man can not possibly understand not only the physical and emotional things a woman goes through during pregnancy. Pregnancy actually does a lot of internal "damage" sort to speak. And who usually gets stuck taking care of it? Who's the one who usually has to give up their hopes and dreams for this accident? Not the man. He sends the check and that's usually the end of it. Until you have to make the choice of carrying and birthing the child, a man has no say over what a woman does with her body. In fact, I advocate not even telling the man, avoid the drama if he's narrow minded like the types who don't get it.

"Stuck with"? Who usually gets "stuck with" the child? These are obviously women who have no bussiness bearing children in the first place! But don't they realize the reason women get "stuck with" the child is because Family Court gives it to them? Because... almost every single woman tries her damned hardest to get "stuck with" the child? Because women have campaigned for decades to engineer this situation? The man just sends a check... which means a financial burden impeding his lfie and dreams for 18 years - whether he wanted it or not! But the woman has the option. The man is stuck with "whether he wanted it or not" - the man has no options. The man has no options because the "pain" and "burden" of 9 months pregnancy. What ever happened to the smiling happy mother who was exuberant that she was going to bring a precious new human life into the world? I guess that's all a "burden", an "accident" that forces her to give up her "dreams" of climbing the corporate ladder.

What a sad world? Let's take a look at some more replies:

... I read the rest and it's more of the same old "it's her body", "pregnancy is hell", "children are accidents", "children are a burden", bla bla bla. Thank God for abortion, really, in these cases it is desperately needed!

I saw surprisingly few manginas. What a relief.

Most of the men seemed very aware of the concepts:

Pregnancy is 9 months - and if you take better care of yourself than the average lazy American whore, isn't actually that bad. Same with the birthing process.
Child support is 18 - 21 years.
A man and woman's life is changed by bringing a child into the world - both financial and as far as "dreams" are concerend - however, women have the option, men have the obligation.
"My body, my choice" logic was applied to the man's side (it's his body, it should be his choice too, right? I mean, men aren't slaves, are they?) and the idea of "social abortions" and "opting out" the same way women do physically was mentioned. There was outrage at this idea, because it's "the man's responsibility, after all, he's the one who had sex with her" (but, apparently, women never have sex with anyone, right?).

Men and women seem to be at a crossroads - at least on this issue. Women are going one way (special privileges, options, entitlement, having a male slave...) and men are going another way (actual equality, actual fairness, actual logic).

The funny thing is that the men were using FEMINIST'S OWN LINE OF REASONING and TAKING IT SERIOUSLY - which, in this case, was a very bad thing for women because it meant men should have options as well - thus putting equal responsibility on women. *gasp*

Women... with responsibility?
Men... with reproductive rights?

My god, what is the world coming to?


You can read the thread in it's horrid entirety here:

Feel free to sign up and set those women straight!


  1. Ithaca skinhead your spot on great post.

    A man should have the option to opt out like a woman does. Male social abortion and also adoption(one which women also have by default regardless of whether the born child is demanded by the father), which is ridiculous that a biological father has to fight with adoptive parents just because a woman decides to abandon her "responsibility".

    More men are realising this. Specially like cases with dubay vs wells popping up. Its about time to set this inequality straight.

  2. This issue is central to men gaining equal rights. As long as our reproduction is controlled by women, we will not have true equality.

    In fact, I will state that without equal reproductive rights, all else is a waste of time, or merely a way to ensure men can "contribute" maximum dollars to "their" child.

    Of course, I may just be cynical....

  3. hello,


    I am a graduate from SUNY New Paltz and as you might know, its perhaps the most feminist infested town on earth, thanks to Manginas like Jason West.

    The Abortion issue is absolutely key to defining the conflict. Pro-Choice is an instant tell for Femi-Bitch. How can any women with her mother instinct intact condone scraping a fetus out a uterus? The underlying issue is less that of 'right to choose' as that of 'right to spread your legs without culpability'.

  4. Thanks for linking to me. I have returned the favour.

    I will read more later. Thanks.

  5. its not her body, or his.. its the baby's body.

  6. Feminists caused the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

    Yes, that's right. Feminists caused the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The muslims who are fighting the American army mainly just don't want the feminist western culture to come to their countries also, which is why they are fighting against the western powers. They don't want their women to also be turned into prostitutes.

    If these stupid American bitch feminists want equal rights, they should also go to the front lines and risk their lives. But no, they'd rather just send the men out to die for their "equal rights" while they sit at home in Starbucks, and cheating on their boyfriends who are over there fighting.

    Feminism is directly responsible for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    And to anyone who doubts that feminism is a major cause of this bloody war, let's not forget that feminists have openly tried to justify this war in the name of "liberating the Afghan women". If these scumbag feminists feel that way, why don't THEY go out to the front lines? That would be REAL EQUAL RIGHTS! But no, they send the men off to go die so that they can continue to sit on their fat ass and watch Sex in the City. I refuse to fight for or defend such whores. Let the feminists defend themselves, since they "don't need men", anyway. Feminists are such hypocrites.

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  8. Paper abortions are the answer, which is why we will never be granted such a privilege.