Saturday, January 17, 2009

More Rape Madness

I rarely read Feministgal anymore. It's all a nonsense girl's club feminist echo-chamber. She used to allow an MRA named "Ennui" to comment and argue his point of view, but I guess he was too logical and backed them into a corner too many times, so they had to moderate comments. Now 0 debate takes place and 99% of the comments are in agreement with the feminist status quo- this is what makes it an "echo chamber".

Anyway, I saw this article on her blog, because I occasionally do check back on my old friend there to see what nonsense she's cooked up to make me laugh.

Basically, Palin is getting slammed because supposedly she "made a law" where women have to buy their own rape-test kits. While there is actually 0 evidence pointing this to Palin, and since no single person can actually "make a law", I do partially agree with that sort legislature.

I only agree partially because it leaves out so many other things that should be implimented.

1) Rape-test kit results should be required evidence in all rape hearings.
2) Rape-test kits should cost upwards of 2 grand ($2,000).
3) If rape is proven, the woman is refunded the money. If rape is not proven, then the money is not refunded and that is considered her fine for making false allegations.
4) Rape-test kits are available on loan: if rape is proven, the loan is forgiven. If rape is not proven, then the woman now owes the court money.

A common feminist retort is: "What if she waits too long for the kit?"
The response: Most people who are raped report the rape almost immediately after. People who report it much later are probably bullshitting.
Another common feminist retort is: "What if she's ashamed and takes time to build up the courage to report it, and in the meantime the evidence has healed/washed away?"
The response: As Judge Judy would put it: "I don't give a damn how you feel, you have a responsibility to report a crime as soon as possible."

The other common feminist retort will be: "But less women will come forward because they'll be scared of the cost."
The response: Boohoo honey. It'll save a lot of men from spending 20 years in jail and a ruined reputation just because some girl said so.

The result:
Fewer false allegations wasting police time and driving statistics higher.
More actual rapes will be fairly tried and convicted.

Feminists will oppose this because, I guess in their thinking, rape is such a horrible crime that if it costs 10 men going to jail on false accusations just to get 1 actual rapist in jail, then that is the price that must be paid for a woman to say "He raped me!" and her word to be golden.

Of course this will never happen in the current political climate. As Palin and McCain have clearly shown, anyone who deviates even slightly from the Feminist Agenda or is even percieved as wanting to "infringe" upon "women's rights" commits political suicide.


After some thought, I've come to another conclusion. Merely being accused of rape or sexual assault can tarnish a man's reputation. Even if the accusation is unfounded or proven false, or if the woman does later admit that she was lying, the damage to a man's reputation is permanent and can bar him from education and employment.

Thus, rape cases should be handled in private courts due to their sensitive nature.

If the man is convicted, there is no problem publicizing it.
If the man is not convicted, but no false allegation is proven, the case is filed away.
If the man is not convicted and a false allegation is proven, the man remains anonymous but the woman is made public as a false accuser.

Of course, this will bar many women who make false claims of rape from entering relationships with men who know their history. Good! This will protect men from false claims.

And that is all I have to say, and probably will ever say, about the rape issue. Too often it is used by feminists as a red herring to distract from an important issue at hand. Rape in and of itself is not a men's issue. False allegations of rape are a men's issue. If I talk about rape, it will be about mitigating and lowering the occurrence of false allegations. Thank you and goodnight.


  1. Hi there :)
    Long time no talk! I want to let you know that intelligent conversation and debate is always welcome on my blog. However, i do moderate comments that are left simply to antagonize as well as comments that are offensive and discriminatory.

    I also agree with Fidelbogen when he wrote,

    "The trick is to "play along" with their pseudo good faith, by answering it with your own pseudo good faith. Then gradually, oh-so-craftily, turn the heat up. Box them into a corner where they can't escape. Start demanding consistency and holding them accountable for a growing number of things. . ."

    I feel the exact same way.

  2. I suppose by "intelligent conversation" you mean comments that are sympathetic to your cause and agree with you. Not much for "conversation", there.

    And by "moderate comments that are left simply to antagonize", I suppose you mean "all comments to the contrary of my beliefs." Although, antagonistic comments made by those who follow the feminist byline do tend to stick around, it seems...

    Ennui, as you and I both know, never insulted anyone, yet he received death threats. The death threat comments were never moderated, if I recall, until much much later on. I think this was when you decided, in Orwellian fashion, to not just delete the "offensive" posts, but to delete all posts concerning or referencing the "offensive" material. "This never happened."

    This blog:

    Which had an extensive conversation criticizing the whole concept of "weightism", now has paltry few comments.

    Actually, if anyone goes to your blogs for May of 2008, when me and Ennui commented regularly, they'll find very paltry comments. For instance, this blog:

    used to have about a dozen comments, mostly Anonymous walking your hand through the logic of how a fairy-tale in which a man is turned into a frog and then killed (eaten) by a woman is, in fact, violence against men. You couldn't accept this so you just deleted all posts concerning it.

    And this blog:

    My favorite, had a huuuuge listing of comments, most of which were from Ennui and a few MRAs completely *debunking* the myth of the "Gender Wage Gap". All those posts have since been deleted, as well.

    In fact, I can't find any of Ennui's thoughtful, logical, rational and insightful posts *anywhere* on your blog. Ennui, who broke none of your rules, except one: He disagreed with you.

    Actually, the only time you leave dissenting posts is when it casts you in a favorable position, such as troll:point, - feminists:counterpoint, - initiate moderation.

    You can try to play Public Relations here all you want, but you won't convince me: I've dealt with you directly in the past, and you are as biased the censure as ever.

  3. BTW, Whichever of the little fembots in your circle hacked my old blogger account and put that funny little line my profile, tell them I said "hello". Thanks. :)

  4. @Feministgal:

    A long, long time ago, you left in a huff from a discussion thread on my blog for some TOTALLY obscure, arcane "feminist" reason that I NEVER could figure out. I mean, I said a few things to "Bob". . . and for some weird reason you thought it was "all about you", and I couldn't make head nor tails of your statement.

    Maybe some day you will explain. . .

    At any rate, you are certainly welcome to "troll" at CF any time you wish. You see, I actually LIKE trolls! I value their presence! ;)

    Hey, is that cool, or what...?

  5. I will never moderate my comments. My blog is a free speech zone, which is more than any feminists can say.

  6. You're absolutely right about the rape card being pretty much nothing but a distraction. Odd how Feminists accuse US of devaluing rape....but I digress.

    I too have been sort of waffling back and forth between engagement and outright hostility, primarily for the purposes of education for the "lurkers".

    I also tend to agree with Fidelbogen that MRA's are hardly a "Vanguard" pointing the way, and that we are, at best, a focal point for the media to come to for comment and, more usually, an entertainment for people who want a "laugh".

    My belief? That a lot of these people will privately think to themselves "You know, that guy had a point".

    Which is why, to me, statistics and data and studies are largely useless. Get into a "Battle of the Research" and watch the audiences eyes glaze over...why else do you think they want to do this in debates?

    The trick is little memes, again Fidelbogen leads the way with "Feminist Guilt". Attitudes are contagious, and for my part I will be the extremist, uncompromising prick.

    It's way more fun than being nice.